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2015-06-12 21:02:34 by shredwerd

i hate that i update because its not like i have any fans, but i'll do it anyway

anyway i'm working with a friend of mine and we've been working on a parody since last october. we met last year at a job internship i had. we're hoping it'll be finished soon but its a lot of work. i'll be doing most of the voice work, hes doing backgrounds and a few voices as well.


i have an animatic for a sample fight scene uploaded here in a second. i am still alive believe it or not

Switching to Voice Acting

2014-07-30 16:16:15 by shredwerd

I simply just don't have the time and patience for animating after trying for months. I will focus on trying to get into peoples videos for voice acting. If anyone knows of anyone needing voice actors let me know. I am willing to take audition for any parts. Just have them (or you) send me lines and I will record some samples.


I feel I can go somewhere for my voice. 


talking to a wall

2013-10-25 04:30:15 by shredwerd

i feel like ranting to no one helps me out, especially because i'm lazy as SHIIIIIIIIIT and have A.D.D. for animating. takes forever and lots of effort and with working all the time, and finding lame excuses to not work on this stuff its hard to get anything started, can't even say finished.

Its sad my last post was almost a year ago, i stated 11 projects were started, i couldn't tell you how many more awesome ideas i've had (not to mention written scripts, comics drawn out in my notebook, projects in flash started but never picked back up on). Although i'd be more into and dedicated to voice acting, the only way i'm going to get any feet in any door is to get myself out there with my own garbage.

I have been using composition notebooks to draw comics since 6th grade, and picked the trend back up when i found an old composition notebook i started some comics in like 5 years ago, and have drawn comics, written scripts (again...not sure why i'm reiterating this, especially since no one reads this shit) but currently have been actually dedicating myself to a project.

Since i've lost my job about a month ago, i've spent way too many hours playing WoW, applying out the ass to get a new job, and freaking out trying to figure out how to somehow make this months rent/car payment. While i'm scared shitless as to what will happen next month (after selling my expensive headphones, and my glock ... yet i still have to borrow money to make payments), i figured i'd try to at least pass the time until my new career at heinens starts the 28th with something productive rather than neckbearding it in my room on WoW.

Honestly looking back, i started this account back in 2010, watching some videos and trying to vote and make positive critiques on others videos, and finally got a video myself uploaded in feb 2012 (which i got fucking lazy on, and would love to redo once i actually get some skills in animating down) it's pretty disappointing to me to see that video uploaded over a year ago, and i have not made ANY solid progress on any new projects since then. Going back and reading the other news posts i've made, i feel updating some news once in a while whether i've completed ANYTHING or not will allow me to check on my own profile once in a while and try to push myself or inspire myself to make something new.

While i'm in the process of sketching out / writing this next video I will be completing hopefully by the end of this year, I hope everything goes according to plan, and i can actually contribute to the internet. While I have no intentions of ever becoming a huge money making awesome bro in the field, I just want people to be entertained, and share what I will have to offer.

Typing this up really kinda inspired me to fire up the back burners and crank something out. Again talking to a wall here, I definitely feel something could happen here.

Anyone reading this whether somehow recently after submitting, or going back through my shit like a creep, stick with me, encourage me, etc. I will do my best to give everyone a few laughs.

Stay awesome and coo friends. <insert shit electrode doodle>

talking to a wall


2012-12-24 18:10:00 by shredwerd

Ok so i have over 11 projects started, and unfinished. I'm talking to a wall here when I say this as I don't have much to offer but I will get something soon. Majority of my problems are due to working way too much, and that i can't get my damn sound to import into Flash half the time.

Anway, Happy Holidays everyone and have a great night!

New News Post

2012-02-13 04:44:47 by shredwerd

I am new here, i'm new to animating, I have one crappy noob video uploaded, i'm working on a series of my own so if you don't like the video i first made don't lose hope. Awesome cool totally yeah.